Why Fly Fishing

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fish and flyFishing is a hobby for many people who love adventure. However, the entire fishing process requires great techniques to have your desired prey caught. There are many types of fishing, but most of them are always not the best in bringing the prey safely next to you. However, the fly fishing method has for many years been appraised by most fishers for its efficiency in fish catching.

What’s fly fishing?

Fly fishing is a type of angling technique where the fisherman fixes an artificial fly on the fishing rod, reel or any other specialized weighted fishing lines. The fly is an imitation of the fish food that attracts it to feed on it. The artificial fly used is weightless and is propelled by the fishing line.
Casting this weightless fly or lure requires expertise and angering techniques. Fly anglers use hand tied flies that take the shape and the look of natural insects or in other cases, food organisms are used. With the casting techniques mastered you are sure to go home with a bunch of fish ready for a feast.

Where to fly fish?

fly fishing 5Fishing is a fun sporting activity, which should be well embraced. Fly fishing can be done anywhere, be it in flowing rivers, still waters, lakes, sea etc. For those individuals who do not have access to these water sources, you can practice this form of fishing on your own.

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Why choose fly fishing over other methods?

Numerous advantages are associated with fly fishing that makes the approach the most preferred among many fishers. These advantages include;

1. Casting goes a longer distancefly fishing
The primary benefit of the fly fishing method that gives it the best score as compared to other methods is its casting power. An angler does not have to use the weight of the lure to cast. Instead, the weight of the fishing line is used to make it possible casting very tiny flies such as midges at long distances.

2. The fly lands more quietly
Silence is vital if you need to have a successful fishing experience. With the fly fishing method, the fly used to lure can be safely and quietly delivered on the very spot of your prey without having to spook them. Other methods like the spinning method involve splashing of waters making it hard to provide a noiseless surrounding. . Most anglers who choose this method attest to the power of silence in fishing success.

3. Flies are cheaper compared to lures
When compared to lures, flies are way more affordable. With flies purchased at incredibly low prices, there is an opportunity for many anglers to venture into fishing since only minimal amounts are needed to get started.

4. It is easy to learn
Fly fishing is not a complicated technique to interested anglers. With the urge to learn, an angler needs to understand the casting techniques and how to take the fly to the exact spot where the fish are.

Fly fishing vs. Spin fishing

Different anglers have varying insights when it comes to fly fishing and spin fishing. The two methods are quite popular among fishers. But what are their differences?

fly fishing rodsi. Rod types used
Fly fishing uses lightweight lines that used in casting while the spinning method makes use of heavier rods that are used to cast mono-filament lines with a single throw

ii. Flies and lures used for fish attraction
While fly fishing makes use of cheap flies, spin fishing uses the most expensive lures. The money used to buy a single lure can purchase three flies to use for fly fishing. The flies are meant to imitate the fish foods such as nymphs and food organisms. On the other hand, lures are more expensive since their appearance mimics other fishes that the prey could be interested in eating.

iii. The preferred fishing locations
Fly fishing is quite successful in moving waters such as rivers and streams. Fly fishing has also proven to yield excellent results when done on still waters. Spin fishing, however, can only be done on still waters like lakes.

iv. The general presentation
While fly fishing works on an upstream and stealthier presentation, spin fishing functions well when imitating bait fish at all water depths.

The fly fishing method is surely the most preferred choice for many anglers. As outlined above, such methods like spinning have their advantages far outweighed by those of the fly fishing.

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