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Getting Started Into Fly Fishing; What You Need to Know

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fly fishingThinking of joining the sport of fly fishing? You can fly fish just about anywhere; be it in rivers, still waters, in hundreds of trout fisheries available in the country, other fishing venues owned by local fishing clubs, even in the sea! But what is fly fishing? It is the sport where you attempt to catch fish by using an artificial fly as bait. It is practiced using a fly line, rod, reel, and a fly.

Selecting Equipment for Fly Fishing

As with any sport you will need some equipment to play, in fly fishing you will need a fly rod, a tapered line, a fly reel, some flies and a leader. Not necessarily, but you will also need a hat and a pair of sunglasses for your comfortability. Polarized glasses are for vision; they will allow you to follow the fly carefully by cutting through the glare on the water. Thus, you can be able to detect strikes easily and hopefully, catch more fish.

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