Fly fishing is an awesome, fun, challenging, yet highly rewarding game that is enjoyed by many across the world. Casting an almost weightless fly requires special casting techniques that are significantly different from any casting forms. Casting with a fly line typically requires some more practice than all other kinds of angling. Fly casting enables the delivery of a relatively weightless imitation or lure of a live creature on target by use of line weight.

What is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing refers to the act of attempting to catch fish with almost weightless artificial known as a fly. It is typically practiced by use of a fly rod, fly line, fly reel, and a tapered leader. This form of fishing is commonly associated with trout and salmon fishing in rivers.

At Flyfishing The Salt, our goal is to provide the necessary information to educate those who would like to begin enjoying the game of fly fishing. We provide all the useful information, insights and share out knowledge to enable you make an informed decision on buying the right equipment, the choice of flies, the casting methods and where to fish. This information is organized into the following categories;

– Getting started into fly fishing
– Equipment and tools needed
– Casting methods for fly fishing
– How to choose a rod
– How to choose a reel
– How to choose fly lines and leader
– The choice of flies
– The wading gear
– Vests and Clothing for fly fishing
– Fly fishing safety

Fly fishing is different from the standard fishing because the bait used must be light enough to float on the surface of water. With the use of special equipment and casting methods, one can attract fish that usually swim below the surface of the water, such as salmon and trout. This form of fishing is most suitable in fast-running streams, but can equally be used in any type of water.