10 Types of Clothing You Would Need for Fly Fishing

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fly fishing 5Fly fishing requires specialized attire to protect you and also enable you enjoy the fishing experience. It is an outdoor activity and therefore knowing what clothes to pick for the occasion depending on the season is essential. It is real important that when going out for fly fishing you be dressed in the right attire as the activity is done in all kinds of weather. What would be the appropriate attire for fly-fishing then?

1. Fishing shirt
Choosing a comfortable, lightweight and purpose designed fishing shirt is mandatory for serious fishermen. It should be quick in drying and highly breathable, have a high sun protection factor. Should have built in insect repellents for certain parts where you encounter insects.

2. Vest
Has the capacity to carry everything needed for a successful fishing day in an organized and convenient way. They are useful in summer conditions when it is too warm for a jacket. For saltwater lakes pick a vest that has saltwater resistant fittings.

3. Jacketfly fishing
Protection is essential for fly fishing. The jacket should be waterproof, breathable and windproof. It serves as a storage facility for snacks, flies, a drink and a variety of resources. It should be able to accommodate these items.

4. Wading Boots
Provide secure traction when wading and walking through the water. There are various options for boot soles

– Textured plastic – better for grass and mud, studs can be added if required.
– Felt – great on rocky surfaces gravel and general use. Studs can be added to reduce slippery on grass.
– Aluminum bars – favorably good on most surface.

5. Waders
Help in getting access to water that you would not have been able to cast. They keep you dry. There are two main types; Stocking foot waders – require a pair of boots to be used over the top of them. Protects your foot from rocks on the riverbed. Boot-foot waders – have a boot already to their bottom. Suitable if you want to get the waders on and off quickly.Waders manufactured from breathable material are recommended as they are waterproof, windproof, and light.

6. Fishing sunglasses
The glasses are for eyes protection, in case a stray object flies into your eyes, sunrays. They should be polarized to prevent glare coming in from the water and help to spot fish in the water. Polarized glasses come in two forms; plastic and glass. Plastic lenses are very light in weight, ideal when coupled with a lightweight frame, are cheaper than glass. Glass lenses are heavier, scratch resistant and durable, are more expensive. There are several shades each designed for a specific purpose;

– Yellow/sunrise – designed for low light conditions like evenings.
– Green mirror- perfect for saltwater flats.
– Copper – designed for general fishing in all situations.
– Blue mirror – traditionally designed for blue water fishing but also used for the flats.

fly fishing 27. Fishing hats and caps – Head wear provides essential protection. They provide your eyes with shading allowing you to see into the water.

8. Fishing gloves-Protective gloves protect your hands from sunburn, line cuts and cold. Should be waterproof.

9. Fishing Trousers and shorts– Should be able to fit different weather conditions. There are those for wet wading on the flats, for coldest regions, and for a normal day with calm weather.

10. Fishing Jumpers and Fleeces – Suitable for keeping warm on cold and windy days.

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